Calendar of Events

April 2017

April 8th   Lancaster High School Golf (8:00am)(Course Closed until 2:00)

April 17th   Lancaster High School Golf (4:00pm)(No Golf After 12:00pm)



May 13th   UW Plattville Women’s Basketball Outing (Course Closed until 3:00)

May 20th   Bierman Event (11:00 Shotgun)



June 2nd   Couples Golf (6:00 Shot Gun)

June 3rd   Stelpflug Open & Nemitz Wedding Outing (Course Partially Open)

June 9th  It’s OK Ladies Golf (5:45pm)

June 10th  Grant Regional Foundation fundraiser (Course Closed)

June 17th  Senior Club Championship

June 18th   Senior Club Championship

June 24th  Class Reunion Outing (Front Nine Closed 2:00-5:00)

June 30th  It’s OK Ladies Golf (5:45pm)



July 7th   Couples Golf (6:00 Shot Gun)

July 8th   Club Championship Men’s & Women’s

July 9th  Club Championship Men’s

July 14th   It’s OK Ladies Golf (5:45pm)

July 21st    Match Play Championship Starts

July 27th    The Sand Trap Open (Ladies Event)

July 28th   It’s OK Ladies Golf (5:45pm)

July 29th   Lions Club Golf Outing (Course Closed until 3:00)


August 4th    Couples Golf (6:00 Shot Gun)

August 5th   Stelpflug Outing

August 6th   Ladies SWANI at Lancaster CC

August 11th   It’s OK Ladies Golf (5:45pm)

August 12th   Veterans Outing (Course Closed until 3:00)

August 18th  Lancaster High School Golf Event

August 19th     Copper Dome Outing (Course Closed until 3:00)

August 25th     It’s OK Ladies Golf (5:45pm)

August 26th    Lancaster Chamber/WGLR outing (Course Closed until 3:00)



September 1st    Couples Golf (6:00 Shot Gun)

September 5th   Lancaster High School Golf Event


October 15th    Outing (Course Closed until 3:00)

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