2018 Ladies It’s Ok Golf Events

2017 “It’s OK” League Welcome to the “It’s OK” ladies golf league Running Friday evenings, starting in May and ending September,the “It’s OK” league is tailored for the beginner golfer who is looking to learn the game in a relaxed setting with players of similar abilities. This non-competitive league is designed to introduce new players to the game one step at a time. Starting at 5:45pm the golf staff will conduct a 15-30 minute clinic to cover that days topic (i.e. putting, chipping, etc.), followed by a 6:00pm shotgun start where you test your newly learned skills on the golf course.

“It’s OK” League Friday’s Shotgun Start Time of 6:00 PM (5:45 PM Clinic prior to weeks’ event) Rules for “It’s OK” League

  • It’s OK to not keep score.
  • It’s OK to play from the shortest tees or start at the yellow or red short tee markers.
  • It’s OK to give yourself a better lie by rolling the ball around a little.
  • It’s OK to tee the ball up anywhere when you are first learning golf.
  • It’s OK to only count swings when you make contact with the ball.
  • It’s OK to throw the ball out of a bunker after one try.
  • It’s OK to forget a ball that may be lost or out of bounds.
  • It’s OK to drop a ball where you think it might be or where you want it to be.
  • It’s OK to play a scramble with your group for the entire round.
  • It’s OK to just chip and putt on a hole when you feel like it.
  • It’s OK to pick up in the middle of the hole and enjoy the outdoors and scenery.
  • It’s OK to skip a hole if you need to take a break.
  • It’s OK to play less than 9 holes and call it a round of golf.
  • It’s OK to move your ball away from trees, rocks, or very hilly lies.
  • It’s OK to hit the same club for the entire round, while using a putter on the putting green.
  • It’s OK to play golf in your sneakers. Be comfortable.
  • It’s OK to get enthusiastic (high fives, fist pumps, and big smiles are encouraged). It’s OK to talk on the golf course. Enjoy a nice conversation or tell a few jokes.
  1. Schedule of Events
  2. Putting Lesson and 2-3 holes of golf (100 yards and in)
  3. Chipping Lesson and 3 Hole scramble (100 yards and in)
  4.  How to Hit a Driver and 3 Holes Red from short tees
  5. Play 6 Holes
  6. It’s Ok Final Night. Play 6 holes on your own. With Dinner and Fun After
Open to all women 18 and older in the Community or surrounding area. All ladies are welcome no matter what. This is more of a, have a great time out with friend’s type of fun. No pressure to play golf at all.  If it rains, we will still have dinner and drinks. Dinner will be provided with all events starting in June and included in the fee.  Drinks will be available for all events at each person’s expense unless specified prior to the event.  Prizes will be given through random drawing each week at the event, the number of winners will be based on participation.  Sign up in the golf shop or call us at 1-608-723-4266. It’s going to be an awesome time for these ladies’ nights out events, if you are looking for someone to play golf with, have fun, eat a dinner without kids, have a drink, or just leave all the work up to the other parent for the night.  This is your day!  Bring friends because we will group ladies in parings of 3-6 players. Come out and learn golf, meet new ladies in the community, and more importantly have kid free fun. Each events pricing will be based on the meal provided. We will have that information posted well in advance to the event. Thanks everyone we look forward to having a huge crowd out for this. Adam Miller PGA Head Golf Professional Lancaster CC.

2016 Monday Ladies League Champions Carla Hentrich & Danielle Hentrich

2016 Tuesday Night Champions Dick Becker & Darrin Wilken

2016 Wednesday Afternoon Champions Steve Lyness & Darin Wilkin

2016 Wednesday Night Champions Tim Farrey & Jeff Farrey

2016 Potosi Thursday Night League champions  Dan Yutzy & Buzz Kittoe

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